Six essential tools for your online business

I started my business in 2017 and immediately began collecting puzzle pieces – individual tools, software, and processors I “needed” to run my business. I collected a lot of puzzle pieces.  As a result, I wasted a lot of money and time trying to get...

Use customer objections for good copywriting

Today we’re talking about objections. Specifically, how you can use them to write great copy, but first, we need to address a common mistake businesses tend to make. Instead of discussing client objections, many businesses of one avoid objections out of fear a...

Build your story with this framework

Using the popular StoryBrand framework, we can craft a powerful narrative for any industry, politics included. Why? Because it focuses on the “customer,” not the individual or business. StoryBrand uses a seven-part framework.  Character Problem Guide Plan...

Stop training your audience

“I feel like I have to train my audience all the time,” she stated with a disheartened tone. “Is your service the first one of its kind,” I asked. “No, of course not. People have been developing websites for years,” she responded....

Send emails with influence

Emails. We love them, and we hate them, but there is one undeniable fact about them; emails work. If you ask anyone who has run a successful online business, they will tell you emails equal sales. However, many will readily admit one of their biggest mistakes was not...

The Most Common Messaging Mistake

When I started my business, I chased revenue. As a result, I made a big mistake. The mistake. One message for everybody.   The scarcity mindset   What I’ve learned over the last seven years of helping entrepreneurs clarify their message is this;...

The LinkedIn Daily Checklist

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The Real Reason Your Messaging Feels "Off"

Discover the 3 pitfalls many consultants make when it comes to messaging and what you can do to fit it! 

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