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What’s a messaging shot? Honest, practical advice to help businesses articulate who they are and what they do without slurring words or being braggy. Like a real shot, your messaging shot is short (30ish minutes) and may burn a little, but it will feel soooo good when finished.

Creating effective messaging can feel challenging


How do I reflect my values in my message?

How should the words play out in an email versus a website?

Which words should you choose?

Do you use the same words in an ad?

How many words do you need?

What makes a great video, lead magnet, or caption?

If these statements resonate with you, you might need a messaging shot.

Watch a Messaging Shot

Why take a shot

Get the feedback you need – Join us as a guest for real-time feedback, or submit what you’re building in the form below, and we’ll review it on the show. It doesn’t matter what it is – pitches, presentations, websites, emails, taglines, or subject lines – we can help you go from being stuck or missing the mark to sharing messages that inspire action.

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Joe Testimonial
Message shot Ari

5 shots

I can’t tell you how much value there was in this Messaging Shot for me. It’s priceless. I think it’s a steal and I think other people need to step right up to the mic and join you guys and have them get your help and guidance.

Dawn Gagye

Owner - Tracer Strategic Marketing

5 shots

“What a well-curated, wonderfully thought-out, and executed show! Had me engaged and thinking the whole time!”

Meghann Conter

Founder - The Dames

What you get

Personalized Guidance – Based on your goals, we’ll provide you with personalized and actionable feedback.

Solutions that Work – Because we review and write messaging for a living, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Actionable Insight – Rather than a laundry list, you’ll get specific actions you can use right away.

A copy of the recording – You’ll be able to refer back to our conversation whenever you want.

A Messaging Shot Summary – A PDF of our findings with applicable actions to help make an immediate impact.

Messaging Shot Ipad Mockup

When and where


What to expect from your Messaging Shot:


Kind Advice

We believe that the best feedback is served warm (not your drink, though). Let us celebrate and support you.

Brands like yours

Learn from businesses and leaders facing the same marketing challenges you are.

Easy to follow along

Our show is free of jargon and tech-speak. You won’t need an MBA to understand us because we don’t slur our words. 

5 shots
Michael Kelly Testimonial

Will this work for you?

While the Messaging Shot works for any industry or field, it works best for single-person businesses or small businesses without a marketing department that sell a product or service.


Creative Services


Leadership Development









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