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Copywriting Questions with Joe Cunningham

In this week’s episode, Erica and I interview Joe Cunningham, who likes to write copy that hits customers and clients “in the feels” to motivate them to take action.

S1 E1 Joe Cunningham

Hosts: Erica Breuer and Ryan Rhoten

Guest: Joe Cunningham


LinkedIn: Joe Cunningham

Questions to help you write great copy

Ask these questions of your current and past clients to hone in on the messaging and copy that will increase engagement and attract your ideal audience. 

Determine problems

  • So What? – What does the point you want to make relate to your customer? Use this to turn features into benefits.
  • What were you doing before using [insert product name]?
  • Was it a new issue or a pre-existing one? 
  • What was happening in the business that made you think you needed to spend money to solve the issue/problem?
  • What concerns or objections did you face during the sales process? 
  • At what stage did the objections appear, and why? 
  • Describe a horrible workday?
  • Walk me through an average workday.
  • What red flags do you look for?


Success Measures


  • How did this challenge impact the business objectives were you trying to achieve?
  • Describe a very successful workday?
  • How do you measure success in your work?
  • What changed after you started using [insert product name]?
  • What benefits do you expect to see over time? 
  • What KPI’s or ROI data can you share that demonstrates the value of using [insert product name]?
  • What’s different about your day-to-day now?
  • What outcomes do you customers experience after working with you? Did they save time, make money?


Alternative Products or Services


  • What other solutions were you looking at in addition to [insert product name]?
  • Who helped you evaluate potential solutions?
  • What criteria did you use to evaluate various solutions?
  • What were the differentiators that made you choose [insert product name]? 


Questions for your clients


  • Why did you end up working with me?
  • What was I able to help you with?
  • Were you skeptical about working with me? If so, what changed?
  • Why do you keep coming back to me?



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