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The 3 words you MUST use on your website

Creating Clarity Newsletter #003

Hi there 👋🏻

Websites used to have a different purpose. They were essentially a brochure for your business. All pages and copy was, what we call at The Distilled Brand, inward-facing.

On inward-facing websites, everything points to the business or brand, so much so it makes it challenging for prospects to see themselves in your product or service. In most cases, they also make it super difficult to understand how what you sell will help them succeed.

Is your website inward-facing?

Here is a super simple way to check if your website is inward-facing. Take a few minutes to review the copy on your site. Specifically, look for the following words:

  • I
  • Me
  • My
  • We
  • Our
  • Ours

If you find these words peppered throughout your site, you’re making it unnecessarily difficult for prospects to see themselves in your solution, which means you’re losing opportunities.

Make your site customer-facing

Fortunately, there’s an equally simple way to flip your copy, so it’s customer-facing. Customer-facing websites convert better and help prospects quickly understand what you do and how you help them overcome their challenges. Here’s how you do it.

Replace all of the inward-facing language you identified above and replace it with the following words.

  • You
  • Your
  • Yours

When you rewrite your copy using customer-facing language, you’ll be much closer to a website that helps prospects understand if you are the right solution for them.

That’s it for this edition of Creating Clarity. See you next week.

Cheers 🍺


Ps. Have you checked out my video on The 3 Keys to speaking your customer’s language? If not, you can watch it HERE.

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