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How to create relevant content

Creating Clarity Newsletter #004


Hey 👋🏻

Have you ever struggled to produce content? I don’t mean content for the sake of content. I mean highly-relevant, targeted content you know will resonate with your audience.
If so, you’re not alone.

We all have a unique take on our subject area that makes us different from everyone else. Our take is born – maybe carved – from our experiences over the years; it’s deeply ingrained in us.
But, here’s the challenge. How do you talk about your experiences without sounding like a blowhard?

🤝 Meet them where they are

When it comes to creating relevant content, you need to understand where your prospects are on their journey, specifically related to your sales funnel. Now, you could use a multi-step complicated formula or focus on these three phases to create relevant content.

  • Awareness

💭 Awareness

The awareness phase is where most of your prospects reside. Visually, Awareness is at the top of the sales funnel. People in this phase can either name the obstacles they struggle with or they can’t. If they can’t put their finger directly on the problem, they are probably experiencing the symptoms of the problem. From a content standpoint, your job in this stage is to help people name their problems.

You need to make them aware of the problem and why they are experiencing it. You need to create “what and why” type content to do this. It’s important to talk about the problem and the symptoms since you don’t know if they are aware or not.

The awareness phase is all about raising awareness, so talk about the problems your audience is facing because prospects stop listening if you stop talking about the problem.

🤔 Consideration

Prospects who understand their problem and can name it have dropped into the consideration phase or the middle portion of your funnel. These folks not only know their obstacles but have started actively looking for a solution. Your content goal in this phase is to show them you have a solution.

We naturally gravitate towards this phase when it comes to creating content because you get to talk about how prospects can begin to overcome their obstacles.

Content in the consideration phase consists of how-tos, lists, steps to take, etc. This newsletter is an example of how-to content. Consideration content helps prospects see you as a solution and boosts your credibility.

🔥 Decision

You’ve probably guessed that people in this phase are looking to move forward and resolve their issues with someone. That someone may or may not be you.
Content in this phase must provide social proof and highlight successes you’ve helped clients achieve. Content in this phase is about before and after.

The best way to do this is by using customer testimonials and telling stories about what your clients were struggling with before they started working with you and where they are now after they have worked with you.

Since you never know where your prospects are in your sales funnel, you need to create a mix of the content types noted above. Bonus points if you can tie the content directly to your message.

That’s it for this edition of Creating Clarity. See you next week.

Cheers 🍺


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