The Secret Ingredients to Master Your Marketing

Ever feel like crafting the perfect business strategy is like mixing a cocktail in the dark? Well, it’s time to turn on the lights and get clear on those ingredients. This week, we’re exploring three steps for turning customer insights into actionable...

Personal Branding is a narcissistic endeavor

I got this challenge about personal branding in my inbox this week. 👇 “So dude, I’m challenging you to defend (personal) branding as not a totally narcissistic self-aggrandizing endeavor.” It’s a great question. Many people think the same...

How Solopreneurs Can Stir Up Success with AI

AI is everywhere. From casual conversations with strangers at the bar to conferences to posts and social media. When speaking with clients or prospects, I get asked about AI, specifically how to use AI in their business. So, to satisfy your AI thirst, Let’s look...

A Personal Brand or a Company Brand. WHich is right for you?

This week, I was asked by a Brand MessagingOS client during our Momentum Mixology™ session if they should focus on their personal page or their company page. I get this question, or its kin – should I build my business as a personal brand or company brand...

Splash of Wisdom: Building Your Asset Library

I was asked recently how I consistently produce content. The answer is simple but not easy, and it’s the cure for your content blues in the digital age: an asset library. An asset library is like your personal wine cellar, stocked with the finest content—posts,...

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The Real Reason Your Messaging Feels "Off"

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