Small-Batch Engagements Produce Measurable Results

While it’s difficult to put a concrete metric on the impact of clarity for your business, here are some typical results clients have experienced. 


Increased email open rates


Clearly identified audience


Can articulate who they are and what they do


Increased confidence


Increased revenue


A packed high-end service offering


A relevant content strategy


A clear value proposition


Developed an online course or workshop


Leadership communication consultant

Problem: Messaging was inward-facing and was not clear about what the company does or how their client’s benefit. 

Solution: We implemented the Brand Messaging System™ to align her message and tell her client’s story. 

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CRM Growth Strategy

small business crm coach

Problem: The website and messaging on the website no longer reflected the direction of the company after going through a rebrand.  

Solution: We implemented the Brand Messaging System™ to position the brand, packed up her offer into a high-end service, so she could confidently promote the new brand

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EXIT Colorado

Real Estate Franchise Sales 

Problem: The corporate messaging and slide deck was not resonating with potential brokers.  

Solution: We implemented the Brand Messaging System™ to clarify the message, translated a 27-page slide deck into a one-page sales sheet, and launched a new customer-facing website

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All Day Fit

Health and Fitness

Problem: The company’s messaging was not in line with their values despite hiring an agency to write the copy.  

Solution: We implemented the Brand Messaging System™ to clarify the message and offers, rebuilt the website to reflect the overall values. 

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Marketing Agency

Problem: Messaging was technical and did not reflect what the company does or how his customer’s benefit. The website was also outdated. 

Solution: To move fast, we held a half-day marketing strategy session to clarify the messaging on the homepage and wireframe all services pages. 

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Podcast Editing Agency

Problem: The business pivoted resulting in a misaligned message and an outdated website. 

Solution: We walked through the Brand Messaging System to identify new brand attributes, core messaging, and the requirements for the new website

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Thought Leader Workshops

Problem: Workshops were not yielding the required attendance and the webpages were not reflective of the brand.

Solution: We developed messaging and outlined a website design to engage prospects and encourage registrations. The results were amazing

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Sports Coaching & Clinics

Problem: As an ex-NHL hockey player, Mark clearly had the authority but he lacked a powerful online presence to dominate the local hockey market. 

Solution: We developed messaging, created an e-commerce platform for ease of registration, and we updated his very old and outdated website

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Fire and Safety Equipment

Problem: They had a hard-coded (HTML) website that looked old (think pinch and zoom) and they needed a new modern website that reflected their brand.   

Solution: We developed clear messaging and created a new website that is modern and mobile-friendly. 

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Career Coach

Problem: A high bounce rate caused Melissa to reach out. She was concerned she was losing possible sales because of her messaging.   

Solution: After walking through her analytics we discovered the real challenge was her process and lead magnet delivery. We updated her message, her method, and her marketing tactics. 

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SaaS Start Up

Problem: This startup had a great solution for teachers but knew she wasn’t telling the right story about her software. 

Solution: We clarified her message, outlined the pages of her website, and developed a comprehensive marketing plan to drive sign-ups for a free demo. 

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Executive Resume Writing

Problem: While running a very successful business, this owner knew her website messaging could be better. 

Solution: We clarified her messaging and developed a new homepage layout. We also created a comprehensive plan for her marketing.  

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Training and Workshops

Problem: As a consultant who’s primary compensation was from workshops, she had pieced together a solution for her online presence that was not filling her workshops. 

Solution: We developed a complete brand strategy to reflect her brand, level-up her messaging, and created a one-stop e-commerce website to fill her workshops. 

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Leadership Training

Problem: Esther is an author and expert in her field, but struggled to demonstrate her expertise online. 

Solution: We developed a comprehensive, customer-facing story for her online presence that included messaging, website development, and a marketing plan.  

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Christian Therapy

Problem: Outdated website that did not reflect her brand and she was not filling her workshops. 

Solution: We created a brand reflective of her work, created an online e-commerce solution to sell her products and services.  

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