How Solopreneurs Can Stir Up Success with AI

by | Apr 24, 2024 | Newsletter

AI is everywhere. From casual conversations with strangers at the bar to conferences to posts and social media. When speaking with clients or prospects, I get asked about AI, specifically how to use AI in their business.

So, to satisfy your AI thirst, Let’s look at four ways small business founders and solopreneurs can use AI to shake up your business routines.   

1 Automated Assistants—More Than Just Order-Takers


Think of virtual assistants like ChatGPT as your behind-the-scenes support. Like a trusty barback, they can keep your station prepped and your spirits stocked. 

You can use ChatGPT as a virtual assistant to manage many things for you, such as: 

  • Handling repetitive customer inquiries
  • Fleshing out new business ideas
  • Crafting email communications
  • Drafting compelling content

It’s like having a silent partner who’s always on the clock, except they don’t need a coffee break, which frees you up to focus on big-picture strategies.

Prompt to Try:

If you want to start saving time and streamlining your daily tasks, here’s a prompt to try.

Choose one routine task you perform daily, such as scheduling meetings, sorting emails, or posting updates on social media. 

Head over to ChatGPT, Claude, or your AI tool of choice and set it up to handle this task for a week. 

Here’s a prompt for creating content ideas: 

Hi, I create content in the [INSERT CONTENT CATEGORIES] niche. I want to make a list of possible pieces of content using the template:

“[NUMBER] Biggest Ways [AUDEINCE] Waste Money On [TOPIC] (And What To Do Instead).”

Could you help me brainstorm topics within my niche that fit this template? I need:

– The specific group of people.

– Ways they commonly waste money.

– Practical alternatives or solutions. 

With this prompt, you’ll instantly get ideas to write about versus starting at a blank screen. 


2 Marketing Moxie—AI-Driven Ads for Precision-Targeted Campaigns


AI isn’t just for big players; it’s the perfect time-saver for small business founders and solopreneurs. You can use AI to refine your social media and search engine ad campaigns and optimize your ads for Google, Facebook, or Instagram for better targeting and higher ROI. 

Because AI can predict ads that resonate with different audiences, integrating AI into your brand messaging operating system will help you fine-tune your messaging and ensure it reaches the right crowd at the right time. 


3. Customer Insights—Tap Into Deep Data


Even small operations generate a lot of data, and AI-powered platforms make it easy to sift through customer data spreadsheets to provide insights into buying behavior and preferences. 

Utilizing AI to analyze customer data can also transform how you connect with your audience. AI equips you with the knowledge to tailor your offerings and create highly personalized marketing that feels intuitive and engaging.

Prompt to Try:

If you’re like me, you probably hate creating pivot tables to analyze data in a spreadsheet. And with AI, you don’t have to anymore. Rejoice!

Upload your spreadsheet using your favorite AI tool and ask it to compile data from specific columns. 


Please summarize the attached spreadsheet for columns D and U and list the top-stated answers for each column. Group like or similar answers before providing the top ten responses.





4 Seamless Social Media—Automated Content Creation


To maintain an active, engaging online presence without chaining yourself to your keyboard, use AI tools to auto-generate posts and manage publishing schedules to ensure your online presence is as robust and engaging as your in-person vibe. 

It’s like having a social media bartender who knows all the classics and can craft a few novel concoctions to thrill the crowd.

Prompt to Try:


Here’s a prompt to help you generate engaging social media posts. This prompt will help AI understand the tone, audience, and specific elements to include, ensuring the content aligns with your brand. 

Bonus: Add your specific defined brand voice and goals to amplify your results.


Generate a series of social media posts for a small business coaching brand that blends motivational advice with practical tips. Each post should cater to [INSERT AUDIENCE] looking to enhance their productivity and brand visibility. The content should include:

1. A motivational quote about entrepreneurship or growth.

2. A practical tip related to using AI for business efficiency.

3. A question to engage the audience (e.g., ‘What’s one task you would automate today to make more time for your passions?’).

4. A call to action encouraging followers to share the post or comment with their experiences.

Please use a friendly and inspirational tone that resonates with a community of driven and tech-savvy business owners.


Last Call: Mixing AI Into Your Business Strategy


For best results with AI, start small. Pick one area of your business where AI can have an immediate impact. Whether it’s: 

  • Ad optimization
  • Automating routine tasks
  • Enhancing your marketing
  • Automated content creation

Or shifting through unbearable spreadsheets, an AI prompt can help. 

Remember, the goal isn’t to replace the personal touch you bring to your business—it’s to free you up to focus more on what you love. 

Cheers to leveraging smart tech to make your business operations as smooth as your favorite whiskey!

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