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These two I’s will cost you money

The following headlines are a recipe for disaster for Brands on LinkedIn. 


  • Turn your LinkedIn inbox into a lead generation machine!


  • Fill your calendar with qualified leads without…


  • 10X the clients in your inbox every month!


  • Book 25 calls from one post!


These headlines can cost you:


  • Time
  • Money


Here’s why. They prey on:






“Gurus” know your ignorance on a particular platform or subject makes you susceptible to attention-grabbing headlines like the ones above and can lead you into a program with questionable practices. Bear in mind the definition of ignorance is:


The lack of knowledge or information.


Fortunately, a lack of knowledge or information is easily overcome; however, it requires effort and focus on your part to gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, many people do not want to take the time to gain knowledge because they are: 


They would rather pay someone without fully understanding the how. Why? 


  • They want leads now.
  • They needed revenue yesterday.


Impatience leads to quick and rash decisions to work with companies that take advantage of your ignorance and can put you in a bad place. For example, on LinkedIn, this means using:




3rd party Chrome extensions


These practices are common tactics used by gurus, and both violate LinkedIn’s T&Cs, which can result in your account being suspended or revoked. The gurus know they are putting your accounts at risk, but they also know if enough people sign up for their “leads” programs, they will profit from ignorance and impatience.


Fortunately, Ignorance and Impatience can be overcome through:




We live in a fast-paced world. We want things yesterday, so we buy shortcuts and automations to get there faster without understanding the consequences of our actions.

Ignorance is not bliss.

To overcome ignorance, you need to practice prudence.  Ironically, we expect other professions to act prudently on our behalf, but we ignore this fact when it comes to LinkedIn. 


Would you hire a financial advisor who promised to 10X your returns every month without conducting due diligence?


Before you sign up for the next great thing, conduct your due diligence, ask questions and uncover how things work. Don’t risk harming your brand because of ignorance and impatience.  

Back to our fast-paced world. If you want: 


  • Results
  • Booked calls
  • Higher revenue 


You need to practice patience. You can’t post content for a week or a month, throw up your hands and say it doesn’t work because when you do, gurus notice. If you want success – however you define it – practice prudence and patience. Use “old-school, slower-paced” practices that will continue to work forever, regardless of the medium or platform.  


Ignorance + Impatience is a recipe for disaster. 


Prudence + Patience builds brands and businesses that last a lifetime.

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